Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.
— John Muir


Thanks to our contributors, The Brooklyn To Alaska Project, has lead over 100 Brooklyn teenagers on treks through the wilderness of Alaska.  Our goal each year is to bring a dozen young men and women 5,000 miles from the city to a challenging and unforgettable two weeklong adventure in and around Wengall-St. Elias, America's largest National Park.  Together we hike to and climb a glacier 30 miles long and 1,000 feet thick.  We camp at the summit of a mountain.  We embark on a four day rafting trip on the wild Chitina river.  We visit an Alaskan homesteader and learn how he lives a sustainable life off the land.  We explore old mines, swim in glacial waters, meet grizzlies and share unforgettable experiences.  

Ice climbing a glacier!

Navigating the wild Chitina River with our expert guides.

Setting up camp on a mountain summit.

Visiting a homesteader who lives sustainably off the wild Alaskan land.

Exploring the old Kinnecott Mining Town.

Cruising glacial waters.

Staying warm by the riverside.